Human Trafficking is happening here in our own backyards.

As the men of Southern California, we’re not willing to let it continue.  Stand up for the voiceless.  Stand against the abusers. Stand together as protectors of the innocent. Stand. It’s that simple.

The goal of Men Standing Against Trafficking [MSAT] is to provide an on ramp for men to do 3 things:

  1. Join us as we take a stand at trafficking hotspots across Southern California. Contact the person below to find out when and where the next MSAT will be at each location:
    1. Long Beach – Patrick,
    2. Orange County – David,
    3. Pomona – Jay,
    4. South LA – Bryan,
  2. Dive deeper by supporting impact projects:
    1. Help Survivors Find Jobs
    2. Become a Speaker in Your Community
    3. Support a Local Outreach Center
    4. Attend the Next FIAT Event
  3. Start your own MSAT:
    1. Contact us at to find out how to start your own


Resources for Men