Qualified is a program of Two Wings utilizing a multi-faceted and holistic approach to bring sustainable employment to survivors of Human Trafficking in LA.

The 12 week career training program takes survivors through career development, life skills and wellness courses and connects them with counseling and support groups needed to thrive. Our Business partners also go through a business sensitivity training which provides them with practical tools to achieve and maintain a healthy company culture with awareness of possible trauma experienced by any of the employees.

Opportunities for involvement include: teaching a course, providing security, connecting survivors with a internship or interview opportunities, bringing your company through the business sensitivity training, mentoring a survivor, financial support and more.

Contact info@withtwowings.org to get involved.

Pomona Outreach Center

Every ONE Free (in partnership with Purpose Church, Pomona) has access to a property they intend to turn into an outreach center for women who are being trafficked. The building’s location on a notorious trafficking track presents an opportune advantage for taking care of the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of these victims.

You can get involved by: joining the prayer team, offering services to fix up the space, providing for the physical needs of survivors, providing financial support and more.

Contact Tamiko Chacon to get involved.

Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau is a training for those who want to speak about human trafficking to schools, parents and teens in their community.

Work with other speakers to develop your skills and/or create a presentation to raise awareness and motivate others to take action in the fight against human trafficking.

Opportunities for involvement: attend a Speakers Training, share with others about the trainings, connect with churches, schools, etc in your community to bring a speaker to share about Human Trafficking and more.

Contact Susan at ucanfightht@outlook.com to get involved.

Men Standing Against Trafficking [MSAT]

The goal of Men Standing Against Trafficking [MSAT] is to provide an on ramp for men to do 3 things:

  1. Stand in Silent Witness with other men in your community
  2. Dive deeper by supporting impact projects (link to projects page)
  3. Start your own MSAT