(Faith Initiative to Abolish Trafficking)

Vision: Mobilizing the Local Church to End Trafficking and Restore Justice

Our Objective is to E.N.G.A.G.E the local church

EEducate individuals and churches on the signs and causes of trafficking as well as prevention strategies; recovery services; and advocacy opportunities to end human trafficking through strategically-placed events featuring high-caliber speakers.

NNetwork non-profits, churches, individuals, and law enforcement to create effective collaboration and strategic corporation.

GGrow the support system for local and international non-profits, who fight against trafficking, provide recovery services, and/or serve high-risk populations (such as foster care), by giving them a platform to share their efforts and needs with local churches.

AAssist churches launch new ministries or activate existing ministries in their congregation or communities, which will provide practical responses to expressed needs in the fight for human trafficking.

GGather and mobilize Christ-following churches across denomination lines. Unifying the body of Christ to speak up for justice and praying for God’s power, wisdom, strength, and guidance in the fight.

EEquip individuals and churches with practical, actionable “next steps” to join the fight against human trafficking and to lead restorative recovery for victims.